Sunday, December 19, 2010

On Demand Chocolate Tiramisu ~ Walk Down Memory Lane

Chocolate Tiramisu, the dessert of Decadence was the post which set my naniji[Grandmother] ticking and she asked me to make this when I visit her. So on this trip to Hyderabad for mom's birthday, I made Chocolate Tiramisu especially for naniji and nanaji. I just had to use the cute glasses they had, didn't I :)

Shared some of the Tiramisu with the Vir's (special family friends... nah... Family )... Sudha aunty, Ashok uncle, Aarti didi, Diwakar, Gautam and Madhavi. This little bundle is Meher... Aarti didi and Diwakar's daughter.... such a sweetheart she is..... pl don't miss the cupcakes in her top ;)

The Hyderabad home is full of memories from our childhood.... forgotten bit n bobs which have a way of popping up and filling us with nostalgia. This is one of the 2 embroidery designs I've ever made..... Strange but true... have done embroidery for very few special people...

For the recipe you can ready any of these posts, You Know.... It's For YOU, Tiramisu..., Chocolate Tiramisu ~ Amrita's Birthday, Cappuccino Tiramisu Cheesecake for Baking Queen ~ Deeba's Birthday, Flying Tiramisu Cupcakes.

These coasters were Jenny mami's idea for naniji n nanaji's 50th wedding anniversary, where all the grandchildren made their own designs and a set was given to all the guests at the party... and now very proudly displayed at their bar.

Tell me readers, which are your most cherished memories with your grandparents?

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