Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zesty Orange Sugarfree Brownies for Abhimanyu's Birthday Parshad

It was my brother Abhimanyu's birthday and also a Durbar day..... So.... So obviously I made the parshad... Most of the people who give up Sugar due to myriad reasons, crave chocolate cause most of the Sugarfree desserts available commercially are fruity, custardy or creamy....
Step in Nachiketa[pl allow me some immodesty :) ], after my success with Sugarfree Cherry Brownies... I made Sugarfree Orange Brownies :) I used Fresh orange juice and zest along with Splenda...

He's the quintessential Shy-Guy, who has young women swooning around him ;)
That's his mom, my chachi...the evergreen young lady of our house :)

Happy Birthday, Bro :)

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