Thursday, October 29, 2009

Banoffee For The Sweet as Toffee Julie

Pushpanjali is such a sweet n unassuming person, she's a delight to be around. I got to know her as she's Vivek's wife. Vivek is one of my first mentors at Infoedge[my office].
We've had many fun times together....

We've done many a camping trips together. We went to Bir n Billing in Himachal Pradesh at a Ht of 8500 ft for parasailing.

A 3.5 Km trek at an incline of some 45 degrees… with even rarer air than Deveria Tal….. Water… Chocolate…. The feeling that my lungs will burst for the want of oxygen…. [This can be counted as one of the craziest moves of my life….. which in hindsight was quite an achievement….]
I really admire the grit and determination of Julie….. She’s such a fighter….. Hats off to her…..

Would like to express my absolute and complete gratitude to my mom for putting in my windsheeter and woolen gloves(Puneet Makkar survived due to them... ) We sat huddled in the leeward side of the curve cursing Mr Mad Hatter ….(Puneet Chawla)

Chronicles of Tunganath.....
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Why Julie is so fit ? cause she loves running.....
Vivek loves taking pictures and Julie loves being clicked..... what a perfect combination... :-)
It's difficult to get vivek in front of the camera.... yet Puneet and a few others manage to the the trick...
She loves dogs... Check out the pics... need I say more.... :-)
Princess is her lifeline... They even took princess boating.....
Like I have Daksayani in my life... She has Yashna... her sister[Pinakini's daughter]... She's adorable...
Vivek, Julie and I have a blast playing pictionary...
Julie is such a bundle of energy n enthusiasm..... n also loves facebook.... :-)

We share the love of banoffee pie and big chill... very few people i know like banana in desserts n even fewer who will KILL for banoffee pie.... So the natural choice for making dessert on her B'day was banofee Pie.... :-)
Am so happy they all liked it.... n she has no clue that our conversation in going out on the blog... Lol... naughty me.....
Banoffee Pie
Yields 5 servings in a small bowl

2 Ripe Bananas
1 Tin Sweetened Condensed Milk
250 ml Double Cream[Whipped]
Coffee Powder or Chocolate Chips for decoration.

For the Base:
1/2 packet Glucose Biscuits [abt 100gms]
60 gm Butter [softened, not melted]
20gm Grain SugarMethod:
For the base:
1. Crush the glucose biscuits finely [not to powder], mix in the granular sugar.
2. Bind them together with the softened butter till the mixture is course. [i use the back of a spoon, you could use ure hands if you like]
3. Place this on the base of the dish in which you want to make the pie and serve.
4. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

For the Toffee:
1. Put the condensed milk in a heavy bottom pan and gently bring to the boil stirring continuously so mixture does not burn.
2. Boil till it is a light caramel [3].
3. Don't over do it as it will make the toffee too hard.
1. Slice the bananas over the biscuit base.
2. Pour cooled toffee over sliced bananas.
You may want to do a double layer aswell for the love of the banoffee.. :-)
3. Beat the cream until stiff and cover the toffee
4. chill
5. Just before serving sprinkle Coffee powder or chocolate chips for decoration.

May God bless you with lots of cheer, peace n happiness.... always...


Pinakini said...

nice one nachi n somehow u ve managed to touch all d imp people in julie life!!! :))

Nikhil said...

nachi amazing :) i dint knew u made cake for julie madam as well, superb pictures - i m sure u must have bought a huge smile on there faces :)

Devanshu said...

wow! Esp the way u have used the snaps!

Shruti said...

Beautiful ....This is what we called as Perfect Bonding :)Full of Sweetiness and Happiness .. God Bless ....

vivek said...

thanks nachi...beautifully put together...:)))

Shaheen said...

Dang! Finally got my act together and came over here - and now I'm tempted to try the banoffee pie! Read your post about Deeba's birthday cake as well - how very sweet of you to have made her that cake!

Deeba PAB said...

Happy birthday Julie...and you are indeed lucky to have a friend as good as N!! You guys had a wonderful (&enviable time) ... FAB!!