Monday, October 19, 2009

Festival of Lights ~ Diwali

This Diwali was truly blessed for me.... The darkness of ignorance has to go....

That's Daksyani with the wonderful things she made in school.

We had yummylicious parshad.

With Upma mom ~ our inspiration as a follower, Neha didi ~ The most awesome cookie, Veena didi ~ The one behind my bangle craze, Miss Mini ~ My Matching partner {Yayyyy... mummy beat u to it this time also :-)}

Posers INC.... Need I say more, Sadhika, Sonal, Geetika n me.

Meri Phuljhari......

Awesome 3somes, Nikhil, Sonal, Ronaq, Daksayani, Chachi n me.

The naughty babies... Gunjan, Daksayani and Khyati hugging my boyfriend Abhishek.

That's all of us.... Dadaji, Mom, Mala chachi, Tushar, Sheena, Daksayani, Vivek chacha and Geeta chachi.That's the Hyderabadi Diwali with Nani, Nana, Mamu and Nivritti.

Safai, Decoration, Puja, Cards, Shopping and Video chats thru skype... :-)

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