Saturday, March 12, 2011

Banoffee Pie with double dose of 'ffee' for Swati n Richa

Does working in different business verticals, being on different floors stop us[Swati, Richa and me] from being upto monkey business..... We are at it again... take a look for yourself....
The double dose of 'ffee' was for Coffee and Toffee.... both of which are a fav with us.
Swati and Richa have both moved on to different workplaces..... This post is being pulled out of my drafts folder to say.... Miss you guys...

Thanks Swati for the totally yummy n healthy salad you sent across for me :)

Banoffee Pie
2 Ripe Bananas
1 Tin Sweetened Condensed Milk
250 ml Double Cream[Whipped]
2 tablespoons Coffee Powder
Coffee Powder or Chocolate Chips for decoration.

For the Base:
1/2 packet Glucose Biscuits [abt 100gms]
60 gm Butter [softened, not melted]
20gm Grain Sugar

For the Base:
1. Crush the glucose biscuits finely [not to powder], mix in the granular sugar.
2. Bind them together with the softened butter till the mixture is course. [i use the back of a spoon, you could use ure hands if you like]
3. Place this on the base of the dish in which you want to make the pie and serve.
4. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

For the Toffee:
1. Put the condensed milk in a heavy bottom pan and gently bring to the boil stirring continuously so mixture does not burn.
2. Boil till it is a light caramel.
3. Don't over do it as it will make the toffee too hard.
4. Split the toffee into 2 bowls, add the coffee to 1 bowl and mix well
1. Slice the bananas over the biscuit base.
2. Pour cooled toffee over sliced bananas, using the 2 separate bowls in layers.
You may want to do a double layer aswell for the love of the banoffee.. :-)
3. Beat the cream until stiff and cover the toffee
4. Chill (it's very important)
5. Just before serving sprinkle Coffee powder or chocolate chips for decoration.

Swati: Thank you !! :* heaven on earth....
Before she ate: Woohoo...i luv surprises :))
Waiting !!
After she ate: Banofee wid da twist.....i am lucky to eat the whole thing coz dad does not take bananna n mom has too much of cough n cold....both of them hd a bite da whole thing is for me...yippee :))
Yummmiiiillliiiooouuusssss :)

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Hari Chandana said...

Very new to me.. looks sooo tempting.. thanks for the recipe :)
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