Monday, June 28, 2010

Mango Cherry Cheesecake and Mango Verrines ~ Mango Mania

Mango... Mango and More Mango.... The KING of fruits....Am a total mango fan.... Guess you can see that even in my Daring Baker Pavlova.. :) The juice, flavor, fragrance and color of Mango... all of it drives me crazy.... The ones I've had every year in all my summer holidays are Dussheri, Chosa, Langra, Alphonso, Banganpalli, Beneshan, Himsagar, Safeda, Totapuri, all from various parts of India.

The important commercial varieties are as : [Source: APEDA]
Andhra Pradesh Banganapalli, Suvarnarekha, Neelum and Totapuri
Bihar Bombay Green, Chausa, Dashehari, Fazli, Gulabkhas, Kishen Bhog, Himsagar, Zardalu and Langra
Gujarat Kesar, Alphonso, Rajapuri, Jamadar, Totapuri, Neelum, Dashehari and Langra
Haryana Chausa, Dashehari, Langra and Fazli
Himachal Pradesh Chausa, Dashehari and Langra
Karnataka Alphonso, Totapuri, Banganapalli, Pairi, Neelum and Mulgoa
Madhya Pradesh Alphonso, Bombay Green, Dashehari, Fazli, Langra and Neelum
Maharashtra Alphonso, Kesar and Pairi
Punjab Chausa, Dashehari and Malda
Rajasthan Bombay Green, Chausa, Dashehari and Langra
Tamil Nadu Alphonso, Totapuri, Banganapalli and Neelum
Uttar Pradesh Bombay Green, Chausa, Dashehari and Langra
West Bengal Fazli, Gulabkhas, Himsagar, Kishenbhog, Langra and Bombay Green

These mangoes come all thru the summer in batches...
'Bombay Yellow'
('Bombai')–high quality
('Bombay Green')
(polyembryonic)–a heavy bearer.
('Paheri', 'Pirie', 'Peter', 'Nadusalai', 'grape', 'Raspuri', 'Goha bunder')
'Safdar Pasand'
'Suvarnarekha' ('Sundri')

Early to Mid-Season:
'Langra' 'Rajapuri'

'Alampur Baneshan'–high quality but shy bearer
'Alphonso' ('Badami', 'gundu', 'appas', 'khader')–high quality
('Totapuri', 'collection', 'kili-mukku', abu Samada' in the Sudan)–of highest quality, best keeping, regular bearer, but most susceptible to seed weevil.
('Baneshan', 'chaptai', 'Safeda')–of high quality but shy bearer
'Dusehri' ('Dashehari aman', 'nirali aman', 'kamyab')–high quality
'Gulab Khas'
'Zardalu' 'K.O. 11'

Mid- to Late-Season:
(often bearing an off-season crop)
('Chowsa', 'Chausa', 'Khajri')–high quality
'K.O. 7/5' ('Himayuddin' ´ 'Neelum')

('Fazli malda')–high quality
'Safeda Lucknow'

Often Late:
'Mulgoa'–high quality but a shy bearer
'Neelum' (sometimes twice a year)–somewhat dwarf, of indifferent quality, and anthracnose-susceptible.

A Comfort Food. Mangoes really can make you feel better! Beyond being delicious and rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, mangoes contain an enzyme with stomach soothing properties similar to papain found in papayas. These comforting enzymes act as a digestive aid and can be held partially responsible for that feeling of contentment we experience during and after our daily mango ritual. Yes, it is quite natural to crave those mangoes!at

Making Cheesecake is the easiest thing done with mangoes, which comes a second to just slicing and eating them :)

Some other cheesecakes I've done with a similar recipe are with Banana and Chocochips, Cappuccino Tiramisu With kahlua, Cappuccino Tiramisu With Irish Bailey's, Orange and Strawberry(not posted yet).
Mango Cheesecake

For The Base:
1/2 packet Glucose Biscuits [abt 100gms]
60 gm Butter [softened, not melted]
20gm grain Sugar
Handful of Cherries halfed [Fresh would be nicer, if not available then use tinned]

For The Cheesecake:
250 ml Cream[whipped]
150gm Hung Curd
100gm Fruit Pulp [I used mango, you can use orange, strawberries or any other fruit you fancy, taste the pulp for tartness and adjust taste with powdered sugar]
40 gms Gelatin [in winter 1 reduce it by 2-3 pinches as it sets just fine]
Few drops of Mango essence
For the base:
Crush the glucose biscuits finely [not to powder]
Bind them together with the softened butter till the mixture is course. [I use the back of a spoon, you could use ure hand if you like]
Place this on the base of the dish in which you want to make the cheesecake and serve.
garnish the base with cherries [I arranged it in a way that all pcs cut would have atleast 1 cherry each]
Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

For the Cheesecake:
Whip the cream to soft peaks.
Mix in the hung curd and whip to a silky consistency.
Add a few drops of mango essence.
Melt half the gelatin in cold water first and then heat on a double boiler.
After it's completely dissolved, pour into the above mixture and mix well.
Take out the Refrigerated base, pour the above mixture into the bowl over the base evenly.
Refrigerate for about an hour.[more in summers till it sets]

Melt rest of the gelatin in cold water first and then heat on a double boiler.
Add the gelatin to fruit pulp and mix well.
Make a layer of this fruit pulp over the set cheesecake layer in the bowl working quickly else the gelatin begins setting.
Garnish with fresh fruit or chocochips.

Mango Verrines:
Use the above 2 mixtures of the cheesecake and fruit to layer alternatively in small shot glasses. You could even use dessert bowls but I love these little single serves.

These yummies were taken to office and we celebrated a small reunion of sorts as Mike was in town. The bowl was licked clean by the boys... Nitin kept eating the fruit layer from the top of he bowl and was whacked by the rest :)
Madhurima took the bowl home to enjoy with her family... [Some of the nicest pics in this ost are taken by her :) see her work at]
Aman had the shot glass single serve...

Sweet levels were just fine and the flavours of Mango and Cheery gave the dessert a fresh feel.... This recipe is such a simple No-Bake recipe that even kids can make it with a little help from the adults during the gelatin part.


Madhurima Sil said...

I m not really able to recall how i resisted them while taking those pictures but i can surely recall how they tasted.... and they were AWESOMEST my love!!!!!!!!!

Anuraag Godika said...

Would always love to have more of the delicious stuff. Mangoes are my favorite fruit too :-)

Nikhil said...

oh my oh my! this is so very lickalicious :) this one could be perfectly associated with the Aamasutra tag. nachi dis is perfect food porno :D .... Undoubtedly xquisite work. ur wasting ur time doing something else ;)

Bhaskar Deva said...

This is mind blowing...fresh and just the right balance of the ingredients...I wish my mouth was bigger :P

You are the best Nachiketa...Kudos :)

suma said...

This looks seriously drool-worthy!!
Absolutely adore this fruit.

Meetu said...

wao, this looks awesome nachi :) so when do I get to taste it..........

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I clearly remember the taste! Nachi sure can turn out perfectly tantalizing summer desserts with regular frequency. Completely agree with Nikhil and the next one is awaited Nachi!!!!

Nits said...

It's yummy... when will we have the same again... simply delicious is a under statement for that taste.

Smita Srivastava said...

Looks so yummy n refreshing ... i can imagine the lovely aroma n divine flavor .... the beautiful combi of yellow n white is surely a treat for the eyes too ...

- Smita

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looks really nice.. i'm goin to try make it myself very soon... ;)

shanthi said...

Yummy and colourful

Varada said...

If they so yummy in pictures, I can only imagine how they would taste in my mouth.

+ I've a bunch of kids at home who do their homework quickly for one extra mango.

Will try and let you know :)