Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aaj Main Khush Huun

My gtalk tagline....

Aaj Main Khush Huun
Lo Tum Hi Bolo Main Huun Khush Kyuun
Jaldi Jaldi Bolo Chalo

The reactions I got....[Puneet started it though... LOL] were really cute... so later I put it out as my facebook status message too n compiled them here....

Mike: mujhe laga bahar baarish hone lagi n u wanna dance

puja9980: got engaged

Nix►: kyunki hum kal movie ja rahein hai :-?

Amresh: :D
saath chal rahein hai is liye tum khush
hai naaa yehi baat kahooo

Amit: shaadi fix ho gayi teri?
Amit: got lucky last nite ;) ?

Shuchi: koi party pe jaana hai???? khana samne pada hai??
koi gossip hai ???
arrey bhai jaldi batao
mein bhi khush ho jaayun!!!!!
Shuchi: FOOD is the ans!!!

Satyajeet: hmmm
u lost another few Kgs

chowdhary.ritu: u went back to ur weight limit of 57 kg:)

Gunjan: hmm.... u make every1 happy n party... isliye tum khush ho baat yahi hai na kaho ... kaho

Nix►: hhmm!
let me think - things that can make u happy :-?
food , dakshyani, chocolates, old friends
this is what i feel

bhatdeepthi: Limca girl?

Neha: you have made a delicious pudding

starringtwinkle: fr another party
starringtwinkle: nothng cn mk u more happy dan food
u gettin married?

taneja.dheeraj: kya hua
watzz the news?
appriasal hua hai kya?
taneja.dheeraj: ohhk
mein to yeh bhi bolne wal tha
got engaged?

дŋмðl: appraisal ho gaya ;)
дŋмðl: aur agar jyada khush ho toh .. fir it must be a new job

Deepali: kya khya, kaun mila

Vinny: aprpaisal ho gaya finally
Vinny: u r engaged
u had lots of ice creams
u have resigned

Devanshu: coz u are close to attain size 10?
Devanshu: ooh! thank god i dint say ur project went live! Coz i know thats whats topping for you as of now

Kapil: 'cos you remembered me and thought of pinging me :-)

Meenu: sach mein no idea..
aap bta do
may b aap ye song sun rahe hoge dats y aap khush ho

Rahul: hmmm....soch raha hu
today is not ur thats ruled out

Chandan : ur b'day

Sravanthi: becoz... "mera piyaa ghar ayaaa o ramji.. mera piya ghar ayaa" :P
Sravanthi: coz.. u... are.. throwin a party with me as a chief guest :D
Sravanthi: hmm.. u learnt a new super cool cake receipe??

Nikhil Thapar:"coz u like dis song ... he he :D"

Rashi Chopra: "u gettin married.??lol"

Prashant Singh: you had good food ?

Chetan Chandra: "coz u lost 2 lbs?"

Richa Sharma: "nachi.... if not the news, can we get the treat 'The dessert Treat" :)"

Nitasha Bedi:"tarun is asking have you found a "bakra"for shaadi?????????"

prasoon.mahajan: kal aap chhutti pe ho. you r going 4 a long weekend isliye. sahi?

Rashi Chopra : "u got promoted....or u goin on a holiday....or coz its raining...ufff...thats all i cud think"

Prashant Singh: "Ok .Let me guess you got promoted ? some old frnd visiting you ? got a surprise gift? going on a vacation ?"

Amit Ghosh: "You finally managed to kill all the mosquitoes in your zone ?!?!? Khoon ka badla khoon!"

Nitasha Bedi: "you're just happy getting all the attention"

Sanjeev Sharma: "Has to be something related to food :-)"

Sravanthi Penmetcha: "Zac Efron is actually not aged 21 but 29.. (oh wait.. that made me happy ;)"

Amit Ghosh: "You found out that your arch rival from school has put on 20 kilos since?"

Shalvika Sood: "The rehab cetre is giving u one yr free membership? :D"
Shalvika Sood: "u r going to be d nxt one on NDTV's The Gret Aunty Cook Off :D :D"

Mohit Taneja: "You have got New York tickets?.. or you are happy that I dint tell u its story..."

Rachna: hmm probably 99 acres is doing very good
it could be some personal achievement also
at family front
or u r getting married ;-)
now u tell
Jaldi Jaldi Bolo Chalo

Anvita Zutshi: "'re sister has finally admitted that you're prettier richer and hotter than her???? hahahaha( just kidding nivvi....ure d best )"

chowdhary.ritu: coz tomorrow is the last working day of the week , leading to a long weekend

Sravanthi Penmetcha: "Nachi is happy because she has found an excellent means to get ppl to knock their head against the wall.. all while thinking of her :P"

Namita Khanna: "you're either r going for a trip somewhere or got promoted."

Shalvika Sood:"an all paid exotic vacation to Greece??"

Aakriti Bhargava:"OH I KNOW.. 'You know who' - has asked you out on a golguppa date... ????"
[She means Shashi Tharoor.... lol.... I wish... even u n I can go on a golguppa date Aakriti.... :-) ]

GV: kyunki apne dost se baat kar rahee ho?
GV: trek pe jaa rahee ho?
Kaam pe nahi gayeen.
Chutti ke liye jaa rahee ho?

Monica: err
u got featured in a news paper or a news channel....

Comments from Sravanthi, Anvita and Aakriti get a special mention and stick-jaw sweets from Ellora's of Dehradoon fame.....

Hmmm... That was really interesting stuff which all my friends [and not so friendly people as well... LOL...] came up with what would make me happy.........
Most of these would make me happy... yet many gave out their aspirations n told me what makes them happy.... LOL...
Don't ask me who......

Lots of people asked "is there any correct answer ?"
Nachiketa: there's no correct or incorrect answer.....

bhatdeepthi: that keeps you alive and happy so its perfectly right!

Answers in a nut shell....

created at

n H.C.F prize is hereby officially shared by...... Puneet Chawla and Amit Ghosh....

: u did it with abhishek bachhan in ur dream.... ?

Amit says.....
You're "Aaj main khush huun ..... blah" kind happy bcoz:
1. You found out that your spiteful, wicked boss occasionally cross-dresses and you have photographic evidence to blackmail him with
[Ps: I don't have a wicked boss.... maybe ure referring to someone else we know.... lol.... laughing hysterically... ROTFL if you please....]
2. You learnt that INSANITY is NOT hereditary - so your kids might turn out fine
3. You finally cracked the spelling of "Umbrella" and Mrs Mehta gave you 5 stars for it
4. You saw this job ad where people get paid for being able to laugh hysterically and uncontrollably at the most un-funny things - A perfect skill set match!
5. Abhishek Bachchan came back for seconds
6. Your ex-boyfren (who'd dumped you) walked in on you and Abhishek and his jaw dropped to the floor

Coming soon in the next post... why i was and am really HAPPY......

Thanks so much for being there everyone....

Here's why I was and am so happy.... Aaj Main Khush Huun ~ Ek Muskurahat


Let the thought be with me! said...

This was among the most interesting (non food) posts I've ever read... trust me :)
Aaj hi nahin.. kal bhi..parso bhi khush raho..:)

d-amit said...

Yayyyy!! At this moment of great pride I would like to thank my parents for bringing me into this world, Mark Zuckerberg for inventing FB and that half a bottle of Jack Daniels upon consumption of which, new levels of creativity were attained yesterday evening :-)

Let the thought be with me! said...

You read some research.. which said calories and the likes are a fad... and have no reality to it whatsoever... what you eat and how much you weigh are completely correlated... and you personally are going ahead... trying it out practically.. to test weather the research is true or not...(which translates to... eating.. and better eating... unless the research is proven true :) )

Puneet Chawla said...

@Shalvika Sood: "The rehab cetre is giving u one yr free membership? :D" - LMAO

@Shalvika Sood: "u r going to be d nxt one on NDTV's The Gret Aunty Cook Off :D :D" - LMNO

@Sravanthi: becoz... "mera piyaa ghar ayaaa o ramji.. mera piya ghar ayaa" :P - I am waiting to hear how this will sound wen she actually sings it!

Had loads of fun reading this post aur kuch logon ki creativity ki to daat deni padegi! So wen am i getting my HCF? oh and i was called "sexy eyes" just now ;)

good night.