Saturday, July 19, 2008

You Can Kiss My Fingers

Banana Choco Creme Cheese Cake

Mango Cheese Cake

Coffee Creme Cheese Cake

Coffee Cake

Chocolate Cake

Rum Cake

Banana n Chocolate MilkShake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Diabetic Sunshine Orange Cake

Cinnamon Chocolate Cake

Banoffee Pie

Irish Coffee Brownies (Light)

Honey, Date and Apricot Slice

Banana Cake with Chocolate Chips

Rum n Almond Cake

Angel Food Cake With Chocolate Glaze

Many thanks to my official tasters...... Amitabh, Sharad, Snigdha, Nikhil, Bhaskar, Partha, Vivek, Deepali, Neha Didi, Priya Didi, Chachi, Daksyani

and mom for letting me mess around in the kitchen, bua for the tips n tricks to get out of sticky [literally that] situations.


Sharad said...

Honoured to be in your panel. Its a privilege. You get to eat and kiss your fingers too. Hopefully as time progresses both things will go forward too.

Anyways, jokes apart, these were really an effort, a huge one. Totally appreciate it. And I loved most of them. Thanks a lot and keeping cooking.

Nikhil said...

dey all were super tasty.... yummy in d tummy!!! i think u should seriously take dis as a profession i'll partner u :)

"yeh haat humke dede thakur" lol!!

Vibhore said...

Would like to volunteer (!!) to be on the panel. LEt me see, would love to taste Rum and cinnamon chocolate cakes already :-)

Deeba PAB said...

Oh well done girl! My word, that's quite an impressive list of baking goodies. Thanks for stopping by my place & for the wonderful words. Am glad I got on board Delhi Bloggers & we met! Cheers Deeba