Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do You Really want Me To Believe This.....

Employee of the Month

Woman Gives Birth to Triplets at her Desk; Finishes Marketing Reports

Hyderabad – In one of the most impressive displays of multitasking ever recorded, Senior Marketing Director Neha Lakhra, had a big day at the office this week. She picked up ‘Employee of the Month’ honours, when she surprised her co-workers by delivering 3 beautiful, healthy children, and the marketing reports by 5pm.

“I knew the marketing reports were due by 5, and I knew the babies were due any minute, so I just propped my lap top on my belly, put my legs up on my desk, and took care of business,” stated an out of breath Neha. “I just hope I didn’t make any mistakes on the reports, my boss doesn’t tolerate sloppy reports,” concluded Neha as the doctor handed her perfect little babies.

Currently, a cleaning crew is doing their best to take care of the mess created by this heroic display of commitment to deadlines, and Neha’s co-workers will most likely need months of therapy to remove the images and screams that have been burned into their
memory, but you have to applaud her for her dedication.

@ catch Sonali commenting on this.... Sid (Sonali's then new born) actually took Hitesh's deadline pretty seriously.....


Shruti said...

This is incredible , hats off to her , this only happens in " India "

Shruti said...

This is incredible , hats off to her .... Well said "THIS ONLY HAPPENS IN INDIA"