Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tasting Authentic Kerala Cuisine at Karavalli, Bangalore

More from my Bangalore trip... Went to Karavalli on a friend's recommendation. Must say, am really glad we did made the special effort of braving Bangalore's traffic to get to The Gateway Hotel, as it's in the middle of town and I had an evening flight to catch.

Karavalli has this way of transporting you back in time and emanates a feeling of calmness despite The Gateway being bang in the middle of the city's bustle. The restaurant has been serving authentic Kerala cuisine since 1990.... That to me is a legacy of good food.....

We were greeted by extremely courteous staff who made us feel welcome. The rippling waterfall gave the place a feeling of being relaxed.
We were served Papaad and Rasam on arrival. Our first course was customized prawns as I'm not game for chillies.... The chef made us these succulent prawns with pepper, onion paste n curry leaves, which were flavorful.

The outdoor seating in Bangalore's weather is is rather enjoyable. We had Kane fry, Mutton Stew with Appams, The mangalorean masala fish fry was really something I would write home about, absolutely delightful... The stew I think could have been better... The appams were soft and their texture just right to match the stew.

I was full till the brim when the staff asked us dessert..... Bring it on we said... The dessert Ada Pradhaman, is a sort of rice kheer made with gur (jaggery) served with fried dryfruits.... It just blew me away..... It was fantastic and despite being full, the whole bowl was polished off.

Must visit place with fabulous food.... 4/5

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