Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kaanav's Zero(th) Birthday!!!

It started with my status message on facebook " Sounds preposterous n assumptious yet it's true....... The Mud Cake at Big Chill needs serious help.... am so so so disappointed with the cake.
The Liberation Party with Chocolate Blackout Cake was much better ~"

In reply Shruti wrote "really.... tats so depressing! coz tat's my fav...."

To which I said "Shruti: u want some cake? are you allowed chocolate cake? I know I can swing the clubs in my favour instead of big chill in this case :-)"
(That's the Mummy n Daddy-to-be)

I made her the Chocolate Blackout Cake at nite and went to see her in the morning before getting to work. This was the day before my nephew 'Kanaav' was born... Hence the post is titled "Kanaav's Zero(th) Birthday", he ate his cake even before he was born... ;-)
His Masi 'Esha' and Tai 'Geetayani' had made lovely posters to welcome him home.....
He's just so adorable n cute... :-)
The Proud Parents - Shruti & Rohit

She's gonna get a repeat dose around New Year's Eve..... :-)


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi Nachiketa
Your blog posts are very interesting to read and interesting.Thanks as well for passing by my blog....comments matters.

Bhawna said...

That's so sweet.
Baby Kanaav decided to come to this world after being treated with a chocolate cake :-).