Thursday, November 12, 2009

Special Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies ~ For Special Kids

Special brownies for special cousins, Shiv n Veda. They are my mamu's children. Since they stay in the US, I get to see very little of them.

Shiv is allergic to nuts n loves chocolate.... so what does nachi didi do? Simple... bring out her pots n pans, bake away to make 'Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies' n top them with Chocolate Chips instead of the signature walnuts. Twisted the recipe a bit to reduce the flour content as gluten doesn't go down too well with Shiv either....

The kids really had yummylicious time at lunch with pasta[2nd helpings told me the kids liked it :-) ] for lunch and brownies for dessert....

Children have their special way of expressing appreciation. I was so touched when shiv made this lovely painting for me.... Totally adorable.... have kept in a special place in my room. My first Thank you note... :-)

The mummies also enjoyed the yummy lunch put together by Archana mami along with the pasta I did. The elder generation of ladies[Vimla aunty n kanchan aunty, who hardly look their ages :-) ] also appreciated the yummies.

I have been making walnut brownies for a while but always found cutting them a pain casue the embedded walnuts cause the sides to crumble.... and Suhela Mami to the rescue... She had got me this awesome slice brownie set. Unfortunately due to some size isues, it wouldn't fit in my oven. Would need some handy work by my mom at folding the handles.... So the Triple Fudge Chocolate Chip Brownies were done in my trustworthy tray.... :-)

By the time mom figured out the handled for the tray to fit in my oven, the kids and mami were back to the US..... the good part is that Vineet mamu was visiting..... was so excited when I used the Sliced Tray, the brownies came out so well.... nice n clean sides.... Yayyyyyyy..... :-)
Called mamu and we met in the evening. He wanted to have his brownies with coffee.

Got a Thumbs up from him :-)

The tray was so easy to use.... but washing up the separator is a bit of a task.... but anything for clear sided brownies.

Thank you so much mami for getting me this pleasure. Shiv n Veda.... You're special.... :-)


Gate Crasher said...

Were they as yummy as they look... The expressions said it all !

Simran said...

Wow! Brownies look so deliciously sinful.

Thanks for stopping by. Let's do the Delhi tour soon

d-amit said...

When they saw my dispassionate reaction to their job offer and commented "You know, joining our company has its perks beyond the salary", I retorted with a sardonic "Yeah .. like what?"

A year later, I now know what that they meant - Brownies, cheesecakes, tiramisus, other nachilicious treats I can't-remember-names-of / don't-know-how-to-pronounce, have made my stay in the 99acres bay (Hey! that rhymed) quite dessertful :)

Btw, You are so great with kids, I'm surprised you dont have half a dozen of your own already ... (Calling out to all buas, maasis, chachis to take the topic forward *wink wink*); PS - I'm calling in sick tommorrow :D

Bhawna said...

Gross....they look awesome.... lucky cousins :)

Nags said...

so cool!! yes, this is exactly what i was referring to in the post :)