Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Memories

Nachiketa Chandra's friend Ekta says

Sweet Memories
On that day when we walked in the rain
I forget what we were looking for.
But I remember the sound of traffic.
Far away on the other side of the world.
I remember the melody.
That we hummed as we walked quietly.
I remember the fragrance of wet earth.
That you smelled like when you put your arm around me.
Did we find what we were looking for? I don't remember.
But I remember you. Staring at the raindrops on my eyelashes.
I remember the little beads of water stuck in your hair.
I remember the first sip of hot tea.
The taste of the rain soaked earthen pot.
That you tasted like when you kissed me.
That day, years ago, when we walked in the rain.

Ekta: You've summed up a very precious memory for me.... Thank you for helping me say it so beautifully..... just add some soup an awesome drive to this....

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devingel said...

:) Must've been your memory that came your way. And I caught it before it could reach you. I identified with it too! :)