Friday, August 31, 2007

Rokne Wala Fail Rahega - Chak De India

I have so much to share. Let me first thank those people who have made this possible.

The Crew – for making this movie…..
Shimit Amin Director
Jaideep Sahni Screenwriter
Aditya Chopra Producer
Salim-Sulaiman Composer
Sudeep Chatterjee Director of Photography

My mom and sis for watching this movie with me the first time and a very dear friend for watching it with me the second time (her first…. Yes… I bullied her into it.)

I had caught the trailer of 'Çhak De India' when I went for Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix at priya. In that one minute piece, the shots of the hockey matches impressed me. Though it was still a Shahrukh movie, we decided to go for it because we wanted to see the 16 girls playing and see what the directors take on the topic was.

I did not go with as high expectations… but somewhere thru the movie I was jumping thru the roof…. It involved me totally……. It was like seeing 20 years of my Taekwon Do career flash in front of my eyes…..

Chak De had the entire hall cheering as if the match being played by someone in their family.

P.S.: My favourite scene in the film is the one where the team goes to McDonald’s where they beat the living daylights out of a gang of eve-teasers wihout any help from a male!! As shuklaji called it “Rakshason ki sena”
That moment taught a team to be a team….. we were rolling in our seats….

Yes, that was the yash raj studio canteen doubled up as a McDonald’s. Have u ever seen a real McDonald’s without an A/C????????

It is so deliciously fulfilling that you want to give the writer and director a clap on their back for depicting the gender war in an urbane recreational zone without trivializing the larger issues involved.

The 16 girls have bought alive the movie like noone else..... Preeti Sabarwal, Komal Chautala, Bindia Naik, Vidya Sharma, Gul Iqbal, Molly Zimik, Mary Ralte,Balbir Kaur,Aliyah Bose, Gunjan Lakhani, Rani, Nethra Reddy, Soimoi. They Rock. Their effort shows

The first match the Indian team wins in the international arena is against U.K. Not China or Italy or France, but England. We still have that subliminal ‘colonized no more’ point we seek to make.

Of course, now, Australia is a different league all together. Whether on film, or in life, that team is just something else. It doesn’t matter what sport they’re playing.

The only true villain in the story is narrow-mindedness and a limited outlook, personified in the holier-than-thou media, the apathetic hockey board, and characters such as the self-obsessed new vice captain of the Indian cricket team.

After a point it doesn’t matter whether the girls are playing hockey.

It’s not the sport. It’s the spirit that shines through in every glistening frame of this tale that needed to be told before hockey became as obsolete as films about people who play to redeem their souls.

I like this film more because it speaks about achievement, belief, faith, ambition, intent, commitment, selflessness, team work,… all good traits essential not just for a successful sportsperson, but for anybody in any walk of life.

Yes, you can use it in the corporate world aswell.

Favourite Chak De India dialogues:

  • Jo nahin ho sakt, wahi tho karna hai.
  • Mujhe states ki naam na sunayie dethe hai, na dhikaie dete hai. Sirf ek mulk-a-naam sunayie detha hai, I-N-D-I-A
  • Humla samne wali team ke dimag par karo, field mein goal apne aap ho jayega
  • Har team mein bas ek hi gunda ho saktha hai, Aur is team ka gunda mein hun!
  • Vaar karna hai to mardho ki tarah aage se karo… Woh kya hai ki humari team me chakke nahi hote!!
  • Chandi (Srk referring to his silver medal) Ko Sone Me badlne ki koshish kar rahaa hoon.
  • Pehli baar kisi ghore ko Bharath ka jhanda leharate hue dekh raha hoon.
  • Marr jaayenge - par haar ke nahi aayenge!!


  • Srk wasn’t hogging the entire screen with his slurrrrrrrrrr,
  • Awesome real depiction of Indian women's sports
  • The hilarious though exaggerated scene in McDonalds….. Just brilliant J
  • No songs with the women in sexy dressing dancing in clubs or around trees.

Songs - loved them.....

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Coming soon …. Chak De and me


mepretentious said...

i have still not seen the movie, though read good reviews bout it. Now I am motivated enough to go n watch it tommoro itself..

AB said...

"No songs with the women in sexy dressing dancing in clubs or around trees."

How can this be one of the highlights ?

justanimpulse said...

Now, why am i not surprised by madam's choice of her favorite scene?? ;)

I must agree with your review of this was indeed the most enjoyable hindi movie in a long time and yes i will watch it again with u.

Nachiketa said...

Manas Mishra:
it's a higlight for me... not u men folk who would be oogling at the firang babes in hockey attire during the 2nd half.... ;-)