Monday, July 9, 2007

Why should a CEO Blog?

Why should a CEO Blog? CEO answers.

In India there are only a handful of CEO’s who blog. Sanjeev Bikhchandani started his blog a few months back. His blog was received by the blogosphere with much appreciation. Being one of the few CEO Blogger’s here is a short interview with Mr Bikhchandani and his views on CEO Blogging.

Q) What initiated you to blog?

I like to write. I have views on a few things. I wanted to express them. As simple as that

Q) What has been the response to your blog?

I have been encouraged by the number and the quality of comments.

Q) Do you think CEO blog's help the company? and how?

Yes a good blog by a CEO would help the company he works for. However for me that would be a happy incidental outcome. The main reason why I started was to express my views.

Q) Would you advise CEO’s to blog and what would your advice be?

They should blog if they can write. It will enable them to communicate with many audiences at the same time - the general public, customers, competition, government, their own employees. It will also give them feedback about themselves and the company. This feedback is a good reality check

Now that we have heard it from the horse’s mouth on 'why a CEO should blog' here are a few things a CEO should be careful of while blogging.

Being Petty – Being the CEO of a company one must try and have a Macro National Perspective of not only his company and the industry as a whole.

Being Superficial - Being Critical on Competition with No base

Using a blog as advertising tool rather than using it to communicate with his audiences.


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