Friday, June 1, 2007

Dress Code

Being my first post, maybe this should have been on something else... dunno what though....

Well what got me started was this amazing laminated piece of paper, i saw at someone's desk in office.

It tickled my funny bone like crazy... just couldn't get over it. I just had to share it with everyone.

So there it went as a contest in my "Thought for the day" mailing list. (What is this? it's another story, I'll write about sometime.)

It got me ticking........

The mail that i se
nt out was.......
Nachiketa (99Acres) []
Thursday, May 31, 2007 5:42 PM

Subject: Thought for the day.... A Contest - Dress Code


Contest Prize:

1 Hot Chocolate Fudge…

[For those who don’t like chocolate (don’t smirk… I know someone who doesn’t like it…. Ya… I know he’s crazy) they can have their choice of sundae at nirula’s]

* in case of joint prize, panel of judges decide…..

Contest Details:
Have got my hands on the dress code for women of a certain company…..


  • Guess the name of the company….. *I have proof of which company…. Am not fudging…. Data sahi hai…..


  • Create a company dress code for men which we can send back to these people…….

Panel of Judges: esteemed member panel. Will be revealed after the contest.

Please note that to qualify for the prize you would need to answer both questions…. [ However for fun you can answer 1 if you like….]

Closing Date: 1st June EOD



have been getting lots of reverts.......

so i had to open the contest to others aswell..........



On popular request the contest is open to all. Even those who are not in my mailing list can send in entries. Please feel free to send this to your friends who can take a joke.

Pl do remember that this is a fun contest and not meant to be mean to other people…. Ok.

And come on women….. where’s the dress code for men?????? How can we let them off the hook so easily…..

Men folk… what happened to your sense of humor??????

Today’s thought: " Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them." - John Shirley




Jayant Kumar said...

I strongly object to this type of dress code for women. Women should be let free. They should have the choice of wearing whatever they want.

Recomended dress code -

sari -> always with sleeveless and small blouse
salwar -> again sleeveless
western -> mini skirts and sleeveless tops
jewellery -> matching with the clothes and loud
footwear -> anything with more than 6 inches of heel
grooming -> lots of makeup

After all it is summer and so hot. Why would you want to wear sleeves

Arunima said...

cool lines nachi...welcome to the blogging world...keep posting

Nivesh said...

hmm I assume the contest is still open since I see no "now closed" notice. Also, I beleive its time you give out a few clues. It would only be fair to lower the bounty to a scoop of the famous nirulas 21flavors

err..with or without waffle cone ? ermm thats up to you !

but anyway for my first guess i'd say sahara